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Atem Mini Exteme Supersource-Animation |

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Upload XML.
Save macros from atem mini software control and import them here (leave default for empty macro).


Beta, tested with chrome/windows. Use at your own risk. Please check the tutorials linked below - feedback and questions in youtube or discord appreciated.

Updates & Release Notes
2021-12-29 bugfixing naming and default values, import scripts to atem mini extreme
2021-06-23 setting program to supersource at animations and layouts, no second macro needed anymore
2021-06-05 allow upsizing sources with zoom over 100%
2021-06-02 new tutorials on youtube, bugfixes, tutorials in english
2021-05-29 added dsk stinger transition, create multiple macros at once, bugfixes, german tutorial
2021-05-28 added preview graphic, macrotitles, box/background-initialization, bugfixes
2021-05-27 bugfixes, discord, added s/src layout, added copy layout from macros
2021-05-02 included empty atem start-config without upload, fixed negative non-integer figures
2021-04-27 uploaded youtube video tutorials: webinar, english, german
2021-04-26 starting beta test, first version



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