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Have your canvas to paint on greenscreen in your video-presentation or live-streaming. Write on Screen instead of using boring slides in your stream. Its free!
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Open 1280x720
Paint Window
Open 1920x1080
Paint Window

Secondary clean output to window (optional):

Open green
Output Window
Open black
Output Window
Open white
Output Window
Open transparent
Output Window


  • F11 starts and ends "kiosk" - Full Screen Browser!
  • we offer some screen-resolutions, ensure 100% zoom in browser and windows for matching with the stream
  • supports drawing with mouse, pen, finger - including force pressure with pen and graphic tablet
  • right click erases canvas (use equivalent on tablets, touchscreens, ...)
  • move to bottom of area to reveal toolbar
  • save current drawing to png-file on disk via "s", if allowed in browser (opaque background)
  • keyboard-shortcuts: press "x" to erase, numbers for line-width, "s" to save image
  • use green screen paint window or green/chroma/luma-key/transparent in clean output window for obs, atem, ... to include scribbles into your stream or video!


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